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New England's 'Lucky for Life' game to gain second lifetime prize
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Posted by noahproblem
9/8/2013 2:04:51 AM

Even worse, the payoffs for the lesser prizes are not going to change much, if at all. I had to go to Vermont's website and view a draft rules change pdf (here) to find the changes - the payoffs are on page 14: 5+1 $7,000/wk for life (no change) 5+0, $25,000/yr for life (the only major change, from a single $25,000 payment) 4+1, $3,000 (increased $1,000 from $2,000) 4+0, $150 (increased $50 from $100) 3+1, $100 (increased $50 from $50) 3+0, $10 (no change) 2+1, $20 (increased $5 from $15) 2+0, $2 (no change) 1+1, $5 (no change) 0+1, $4 (no change) As much as I've shunned it (only played once in many years, and that was a mistake ticket for the wrong game), Megabucks Doubler is starting to look like a better option here in MA for my jackpot betting money.

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